Hitting the Road in a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder: Life is Good!

Hitting the Road in a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder: Life is Good!

Spacious, well-equipped, safe and good on fuel- what more could anyone ask for in a SUV? The 2018 Nissan Pathfinder offers all of these things and so much more. Full of pleasant surprises, this stylish yet rugged utility vehicle will take you wherever life's road takes you; even off the beaten bath.

The 2018 Nissan Pathfinder is one muscular and athletic-looking truck. While it's design elements like deflectors and a spoiler are attractive, they also improve fuel efficiency and aerodynamic performance. More than just good looks, this is one SUV that can actually leave the pavement. It has an upgraded suspension and an available 4x4 4-wheel drive system to ensure it can tackle Canadian winters, as well as towing your boat to the cottage. With 6,000 pounds of towing capacity, it can haul more than it's rivals, and a 3.5-L V6 engine delivering 284 horses ensures that it's capable of anything you throw at it.

If you want to put it to the test, schedule a test drive of the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder in Brampton, at Airport Nissan. Speak with a team member while you're there for a demonstration of all it's great features, or to simply find out about current promotions.

With room for 7 to spread out comfortably, everyone will enjoy reclining seats, even in the third row, and plenty of legroom, more than others in it's class. Access to rear seating is easy with Nissan's Latch And Glide EZ Flex seating system. Wherever one is seated, tri-zone climate control will keep everyone comfortable, and a pair of 8" seat-back monitors will keep the kids entertained. There are plenty of infotainment gadgets on board, and Nissan Connect Services will keep you prepared, connected and safe, even calling for help if the vehicle senses an accident. If you need cargo space rather than seating, those rear seats fold down flat to create additional room. Offering fantastic fuel economy considering it's large interior, the 2018 Pathfinder uses only 8.7L/ 100 km on the highway, far less than it's rivals.

Last year it earned itself the highly coved Top Safety Pick rating from the IIHS, and the new model is still loaded with tons of safety features. Nissan's Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies are a series of radar and camera-based safety features. This suite of semi-autonomous safety features notify the driver of impending trouble, and even takes action to prevent a collision should the driver not react accordingly. A new feature, the Rear Door Alert System also reminds drivers to check the rear seat before exiting the vehicle, so that precious cargo is not forgotten.

The Nissan Pathfinder has been a favourite since hitting the pavement in 1985 and it continues to deliver a great package of brawn, brains and safety. With a starting price below $33,000, it also offers good value. From feature-packed base trims, and reasonably-priced upper trims, you can't go wrong with this one. If you'd like to experience the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder, visit Airport Nissan in Brampton and take it out for a test drive today.